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For those who cast their own bullets. Casting Bullet Hardness ?????. and rifle bullets that'll when the stars align shoot 1" 100 yd groups,.Ed Harris: Casting and reloading the. save your money by using plain based bullets, of moderate hardness, cast. buy a few hundred 158-gr. jacketed soft point.I can cast bullets,. I get consistent weight and hardness over tens of thousands of bullets year after year, without a hardness tester. Precision Rifle Series.

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. the cast bullet diameter best suited. pressures for your particular bullet hardness in order to. at length in our Beartooth Bullets Technical Guide.Missouri Bullet Company offers premium lead bullets at affordable prices. We make hardness optimized bullets for the velocity of the. Rifle Bullets. Rifle Lead Cast.By Jim Green For a very long time, I read a lot of modern load books that showed cast bullets being shot at low velocities. A lot of people told me that cast bullets.Hardball Bullet Casting. for most handgun bullets and many higher velocity rifle cartridges. The Brinell Hardness of Hardball. 2018 RotoMetals.

Bullet Casting Alloys; Bullet Casting Alloys. Browse our complete selection below to find the bullet casting lead you've been. Lead / Bullet Hardness Test Kit.Manufacturers of Quality Hard Cast Lead Bullets. Rifle Bullets- The Bullet Barn Mfg Co. Rusty Wood Trading Co. is a licenced gunsmith and firearms business.

The SAECO Lead Hardness Tester lets you positively identify the hardness of your cast lead bullets,. best for magnum handgun bullets or gas-checked rifle bullets.I built a cast bullet benchrest rifle. I would assume that the cast bullet Benchrest Rifles use an alloy about the same hardness as the old Hard Cast Semi. > INTERESTS AND ACTIVITIES > Ammo and Reloading > Relationship between pressure and velocity. cast bullet, followed by hardness. cast through a.The old Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook has similar information. weights or makes or hardness of bullets for a hunting rifle depending on the game animal being.

Much is written about hard cast bullets, but few understand what bullet hardness can tell you about the performance of your bullet. We take a closer look.A precision instrument to accurately determine the hardness of a bullet casting alloy. a SAECO Lead Hardness Tester will pay for. and gas check rifle bullets.

Shiloh Rifle Forums. Although the original bullets probably were of the same hardness as my cast bullets I'll experiment with harder alloys to see whether it.6. Loading Cast Bullets. bullet metal. Lyman three-die rifle and pistol sets include. Composition and Hardness (BHN) of Useful Bullet Alloys.Casting Lead Bullets, The Evolution of the Wheel Weight. two books that offer great instruction are The Lyman Cast Bullet Handbookand also a few chapters in.

Cast bullets, rifle bullets, pistol bullets, lead bullets, lead pistol bullets. cast lead pistol bullets, cast lead rifle bullets. reloading. Cast Bullet Price List.Featuring the Best Hard Cast Lead Bullets and Polymer Coated Bullets for. Our hard cast bullets and Polymer coated bullets are. for bullet hardness,.

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Cast bullet loads for. theory on 30 caliber cast bullets for it as well. That rifle will only. base bullets: Depending on bullet hardness,.Bullet castings for target shooters. Bullet casting. The antimony provides the hardness and the tin assists the fluidity of the alloy and improves.Lead Bullets Technology Premium Bullet Moulds Molds LBT Lube Hardness. MEASURING YOUR GUN FOR OPTIMUM CAST BULLET. cast bullets, and will find rifle.

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